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      About Us

      ZIBO Sanfu Chemical  Co.,Ltd, Shima Town,Boshan District,Zibo City,Shandong Province with beautiful scenery,found in April,1988 and reformed on the basis of Shandong Boshan Accessory ingredient factory,is a complex company with production and scientific research exploitation development. Nowadays, Company mainly managed in Accelerating agent series, Antioxidant, lndole series, total for 15 kind of product's production, main products:2-phenyl indole Series Product, Rubber curing accelerant AM-2,antioxidant SP Series Product, Dicyanide diamino formaldehyde,condensation compound(CA),Rubber antioxidant RD etc. Since company founded,insist Product creating to develop,Scientific management to benefits,Quality improved to energy,Clients' content to Credit standing as management policy from beginning to end ,As excellent products and good after sales sevices,win the good comments of clients,Products exported to Japan,Korea. USA, Western Europe,South Asia etccountries and regions,Company get the honorable title "Obey the contact and emphasize emphais of honor" , "Province grade new high technology company … Advanced unit of Environment protection" ,get the recognization of IS09001:2008 International quality system,which made the solid base for the developing of company.

      General Manager Mr. Lv Yiyin welcome the man of insight from home and abroad to visit the company, mutual development,to create the refulgenceg together.

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